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Chess Training

Dear Friends and Chess Lovers!
Our ChessEbook website offers you a unique opportunity, to develop your combinational vision, creativity, tactical insight and move calculation skills - all abilities, which are so important for every chess player. This opportunity is truly unique, because with ChessEbook you can study and practise chess on-line using our enormous interactive game database, and all that without investing in special software or spending much time on reading chess text-books!
The ChessEbook tactics database includes 6.134 chess positions (and the number is constantly growing), where you can find the most typical combinational ideas, tactical methods and attack plans. All positions are taken from the games of prominent world chess players, and by solving these combinations you can significantly improve your tactical skills.

In ChessEbook you can also find and analyse over 86.000 encounters of the world's strongest players (ELO 2500 and higher). Our openings database contains over 2.000 chess opening variations and to improve your learning, we have developed the 'Openings Explorer', which you can use to analyse the openings move by move.
With ChessEbook You Can:
Solve chess combinations: combinations can be sorted by topic, complexity level or players. These can be printed for use by coaches or individuals alike.

Evaluate the Development of Your Combinational Vision: write down you solution and compare it to the correct one. For every right move you will earn points.

Learn chess openings: you can use the database with chess games of the most prominent players (over 86.000 games) to build your openings repertoire. The games can be classified by several parameters and provided with the result statistics.

Attend the International Masters' and Grandmasters' virtual lectures: the lectures on different topics were written exclusively for ChessEbook.

Study all games of World Championships: you can learn all games of World Chess Competitions - beginning from the first official chess tournament between Steinitz and Zukertort back in 1886, and finishing with the tournament between Anand and Topalov that took place in 2010.

Participate in the on-line group chess game by suggesting a move.

No longer do you have to:
  • Spend hours looking for new openings and combinations: our ChessEbook contains as much information as dozens of text-books.
  • Buy and install expensive software for chess training: we have developed interactive training in chess.
With ChessEbook you can train chess on-line wherever Internet is available!
You will definitely improve your chess skill!
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