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    Chess Clocks

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    Digital Chess Clock DGT 2010

    Digital Chess Clock DGT 2010

    DGT 2010, the official chess clock of the World Chess Federation FIDE.

    The DGT 2010 was introduced in 2007 and received the status of "Official FIDE Chess Clock" in June 2008 after tests by four top-level arbiters concluded that the clock is in full accordance with all FIDE rules and regulations.

    Some features of the DGT 2010 were amended in November 2010 to comply with popular timing systems.

    The main differences of the new model DGT 2010 with respect to the previous version are:

    The front buttons are dark blue instead of red;
    For every manual option, the last setting is automatically saved. Even after switching off the timer or using other options this setting is saved;
    Options for Scrabbleâ„¢ are added;
    Bronstein delay with multiple time controls can be set;
    In Canadian Byo-yomi the extra time can be added automatically after the required number of moves;
    Some preset times were amended to more popular settings;

    The DGT 2010 is suitable for use with many games e.g. it has Japanese and Canadian Byo-yomi settings for Go.
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