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    Chess Books

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    Chess tactics

    Chess tactics
    von Shmirin, I.
    List of Content
    From the author
    Double attack
    Piece catching
    Opening of a file
    Discovered attack
    The book we would like to recommend contains about 1300 tactical exercises. You will find there typical combinational ideas, tactical techniques and attack plans.
    The goal of our book is to help you to improve your calculation skills, creativity and tactical vision, all such important qualities for player competitiveness.

    In the book, the positions are grouped according to the combinational methods and techniques that were used to reach a win or a draw.
    Every diagram has an allocated number of points, equivalent to the complexity level of the exercise. You can test your combinational vision and chess skills after you have solved a specified number of exercises. Po­sitions with complexity level (1) are designed for chess players with ELO up to 1500, while exercises of the most complicated level (7) are aimed for chess players with ELO over 2200.
    While studying this book you will enjoy a wealth of chess ideas and certainly improve your chess skills.

    The author of the book used to work as a chess trainer in the Ukraine and is currently living in Dresden, Germany. His daughter and Student Eugenia Shmirina became an international master at the age of 14 years. At the moment, she is the strongest chess player among girls in Germany. She has participated in five World Championships and four European Championships among girls of her age and was a vice-champion of Europe among girls younger than 14 years old (2002).

    The author is the developer of ChessEbook.com - the online chess school. Besides tactical exercises, this web-site contains openings theory, a chess games data base and information about the history of chess.

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