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Chess Training: Chess Openings, Chess Tactics, GM Games

Chess Openings and Games Database
Chess opening theory based on 167.448 games of the world's strongest chess players. Selection, classification of games and statistics of results in all openings. Build your opening repertoire!
Chess Tactics Exercises (Huge Database)
6.134 combinations! On various subjects and of various complexity levels. No installation or download of software required, it is possible to directly classify and print out positions.
Interactive Chess Tactics Test
Interactive chess tactics skill test: Try and find out!

Play like a Grandmaster
The unique system of training! You can review the chess games of the world's strongest players (ELO 2500 and higher), move by move, and try to guess the next move of the Grandmaster. It's a fun, and competitive way to improve your chess skills.
Chess lectures
Read chess lectures by Grandmasters (GM) and International Masters (IM) on various topics (written exclusively for this website).
Chess History
All World Championships Games from Steinitz - Zuckertort (1886) to Kramnik - Anand (2008) and the Champions' biographies.
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Position of the day
1. ?
1.d5xf7+ g8-h8
Anand - Gelfand 2012
Anand - Topalov 2010
Anand - Kramnik 2008
WCC Mexico 2007
WCC San Luis 2005
Linares 2005
Kramnik - Leko 2004
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